At what time does the Bonneville 808 Challenge start?

The first departure (808 Solo) is at 7:00 a.m. on Friday, September 17, 2021. See the complete schedule for all start times, click here.

Are there two different routes for the 808 and the 404?

The route is a single 404 km loop. Participants in the 808 do the circuit twice. Click here to see the routes.

Is a support vehicle obligatory?

Yes, a support vehicle is mandatory after 7 pm for all cyclists doing the 808 km or the 404 km in 24h. Please consult the vehicles section of the rules for all details and requirements for support vehicles. https://defi808bonneville.com/rules

Why are the support vehicle and support crew obligatory?

The support vehicle and crew are needed for the safety of all participants at night, because the roads are not closed to traffic and there isn’t always a shoulder lane. Any assistance provided by a support crew must take place outside the vehicle; the support team cannot help push or pull a bike nor do any “drafting” with a rider.

Can several teams registering together share a support vehicle and crew?

Yes, one support vehicle can be assigned to two teams. The members of those teams must ride in pairs during the night portion of the event (7 pm to 6 am.).

Can I leave a bag at one of the timing stations?

Yes, you may leave a bag at one of the timing stations, which are located in Tremblant, Arundel and St-Donat.

Are there any rest areas along the way?

Yes. The timing stations are transition zones for teams as well as places to stop and rest.

Can I get food at the timing stations?

Yes. The stations will have energy bars and drinks, water, fruit, etc.

Are participants expected to raise a minimum donation amount?

Yes. Each donation is related to the chosen challenge – click here to see the registration page.

The registration fees are not included in the required funraising amoint and are not tax deductible. In case of cancellation, please advise quickly at info@defi808bonneville.com . Registration fees are not refundable.

Can I participate even if haven’t been able to raise the donation minimum?

Participants who haven’t achieved the donation minimum will be asked to pay the remainder upon registration in order to take part in the Bonneville 808 Challenge.

Which foundations or organizations are being supported by the funds raised in this event?

All funds will benefit the Foundation for Athletic Excellence, which supports and guides student-athletes in their academic and athletic development from the moment their talent emerges to their transition into a career in sports. Learn more about the foundation.

Are there any lodging discounts for participants?

Yes, discounted rates are available at some hotels. See the LODGING section of our website for more details.