The QFAE...

Provides financial support through scholarships for athletic development

Offers personalized guidance to each student-athlete

Encourages academic excellence

Orients student-athletes in their post-sport careers

Why should you donate to the Bonneville 808 Challenge?

Discipline, hard work and dedication are the qualities that so often make student-athletes an inspiration to their peers and to the younger generation. Donating to the Bonneville 808 Challenge means helping to ensure that these promising athletes, our future leaders, get the financial and material resources and the support they need to continue their careers in sports while maintaining academic excellence. This support comes in the form of individual scholarships from The Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence (QFAE).

The QFAE steps into its support role very early on in the careers of student-athletes – from the moment their talent emerges to their post-career choices. In cooperation with sports federations and the sport faculties of Québec universities, the foundation acts as a springboard and source of reliable assistance to student-athlete scholarship recipients who are on the road to excellence.

Support a participant!

When they register for the Bonneville 808 Challenge, participants agree to collect a minimum level of donations, which will be remitted to the scholarship recipients of The Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence. Click on the button below to support a registered participant or team. You can also donate from the personalized link that a participant sends you.

Donate to a participant or team

Give directly to the QFAE

Perhaps you don’t know a participant personally, but are interested in the QFAE mission and the cause of the Bonneville 808 Challenge? Make a donation directly to the foundation from the link below.

Give directly to the QFAE

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The training camp that changed everything

Annie Pelletier, Olympic diving medallist at the 1996 Games, considers that the QFAE played a key role in her sporting and professional careers.